05 Whitening Serum 55ml SPA

05 Whitening Serum 55ml SPA

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What it is:

Advanced whitening and brightening product that helps to treat and prevent forms of hyperpigmentation. It is safe to use throughout summer. during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Cutting-edge active ingredients have a direct effect on melanocytes - the cells responsible for pigment.


What it does:

- Treats existing dark marks on the skin and helps to prevent and control further hyperpigmentation.

- Contains an enzymatic exfoliator; Bacillus Ferment that has a mild exfoliating and resurfacing effect.

- Cutting-edge brightening ingredients; Rumex. Mulberry and Grape Extract and Vitamin C to even out the skin tone.

- Great serum to use prior to the Whitening 24hr Cream.



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