Who is Juliette Armand?

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Who is Juliette Armand?

If you are following our social media pages you will see there is a lot of buzz around Juliette Armand at the moment.  Well, we have lots of exciting things coming in the very near future.  But we’d first like to go back and “re-introduce” you to this amazing brand as well as let you in on all the amazing things that are happening.

Juliette Armand was founded in 1992 in Athens Greece by Ioulia Armagou and Michalis Papaefstratiou a husband and wife team, as well as being chemists for the the brand. Now celebrating 25 years and what started as a team of two and a local brand is now a team of over fifty as well as expanding to over 34 countries worldwide.

Juliette Armand has always been a brand that prides itself on bringing you a personal experience in a professional skincare range. How they do this is by the specialized ingredients and formulations that address all the different needs of the skin. This is something that has always been the driving force of the brand. What is equally unique about this brand is the fact that everything is done ‘in-house”, from the original formulations by the chemists, to packaging and production of the final product. Advanced safety has always been the 1st priority when they designed the brand and any new products that join the range. So you can rest assured that things like, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and allergens are not a part of the ingredients list. 

Today’s world of personal skincare has become extremely competitive and products are expected to be comparable to the effectiveness of plastic surgery. Knowing this, Juliette Armand is always searching for the next formula, the next combination and the next innovation to always give you the best possible product for your skin.

In our blog series this month we are very excited to introduce you to the new look and feel of Juliette Armand.  With all new and enhanced products, formulas, ingredients and technology!  

Welcome to the new Personal Professional Skincare Company, Juliette Armand.

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