Retinoid HPR - Your next generation anti-ageing active ingredient

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Retinoid HPR - Your next generation anti-ageing active ingredient

This month we are focusing all on our new and advanced Retin Repair products. 
Juliette Armand is always looking for advanced technologies, JA took another step in finding the best form of retinol (Vitamin A) for the skin, without the irritation that using this popular skincare ingredient usually comes with. 
Lets start with a bit of chemistry to understand how this ingredient works.  You should be familiar with Retinol and may be familiar with Retinoic Acid.  Retinol is allowed in cosmetics and Retinoic Acid is only allowed in prescription medication. In skincare products, either a retinol or an ester coming from retinol have been used, the disadvantages to this, along with low concentrations, are that they are fairly unstable and known to cause irritation.  With the advancements in technology we are now able to get an ester not from retinol, but straight from retinoic acid.  The biggest advantages to this new advancement are that, retinoic ester is stable, has a low irritation index, with even better results for the skin.
Juliette Armand uses this all new technology, in a next generation anti-ageing active for cosmetics called, Retinoid HPR – this active is high performing, anti-aging, non-irritating offers improved skin clarity as well as a brighter, more youthful appearance
Some major advantages to using Retinoid HPR:
  • Can be used during the day, as it does not cause Photo-toxicity: which is a chemically induced skin irritation requiring light that doesn’t involve the immune system. It resembles an exaggerated sunburn
  • 10x’s more stable against oxidation than other retinols, which means its power wont wane over time
  • Directing skin active in skin receptors - most non-prescription retinoids have to be transformed into active forms to trip skin’s receptors and initiate a response like cell proliferation
  • Test subjects saw a 50% improvement in skin roughness and a 40% improvement in skin surface scaling as well as a 50% improvement of pigment in 4 weeks (Contributes to skin lightening and brightening)

Check back with us as we talk more about this next generation active and the amazing products it is being incorporated into.

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