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Purpose with Poise™

Purpose with Poise™

What is the ‘Purpose with Poise™’ Initiative about?

In celebration of our 10-year birthday, we at Poise Brands believe that this is the perfect opportunity to set things in motion and introduce our Purpose with Poise™ initiative, in partnership with Afrika Tikkun.  Our initiative aims at helping raise funds to support children with disabilities as a vehicle from which to drive our giving back to local communities. Help us give them a better life – Even R25 can change a life.

We would like to give our community (digital and instore) the opportunity to stand together and make a difference, in changing the lives of disabled children. We would like to work this on a donation basis so that everybody can participate, regardless of your financial position.  Making it easy for people to participate and share will allow more people to join our Purpose with Poise™ initiative and potentially reach out to bigger organizations and corporates as well. Help us restore their dignity and achieve their right to equality and freedom from discrimination.

We, at Poise have always been firm believers and vast advocates for Afrika Tikkun’s initiatives in upliftment and empowerment the organization offers our babies and youth. Afrika Tikkun has, since late 2011, been piloting strategies to empower children and youth, and families of children with disabilities. Within a period of five years the Empowerment Programme for children with disability and their families has expanded across their 5 centres and has created an empowered network of just less than 1000 families of children with disabilities!


Problem Statement

  • Children with disabilities are among the most marginalised and discriminated groups in the society. Census 2011 reports that 10.8% of children in the 5-9 age cohort and 4.1% in the 10-14 age cohort live with disabilities.  There are very limited resources available to assist children and their families cope with the effects of disabilities.
  • Unfortunately, society fears, judges, and discriminates what they do not understand.  As such, children with disabilities experience different forms of exclusion and are affected by them in varying degrees, depending on factors such as the type of disability they have, where they live and the culture or class to which they belong.  They are affected by attitudinal factors such as stereotypes, prejudice, and stigma.
  • Studies have shown that despite disability awareness campaigns, disability in African society is still seen as a curse from God, ancestral violation of societal norms, consequences of illegal or unapproved marriages, or possession by evil spirits. As a result, women are abandoned by their husbands and discriminated against by society after giving birth to a child with disability and are left to fend for their child(ren) alone.


Our solution

The Empowerment Programme aims to mobilise those most affected by human rights violations to take civic action on issues affecting them. The approach of the Empowerment Programme is to mobilise children, youth, and caregivers to come together, learn about human rights and establish peer-led self-advocacy groups. With facilitation, technical and practical support, the self-advocacy groups meet regularly, support fellow members, and embark on planning and executing advocacy activities and events.

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To run participatory educational workshops for children with disabilities and their families about their rights and responsibilities to empower them to advocate for themselves and to raise public awareness about inclusion.
  2. To facilitate the development and capacity building of a peer-led self-help group of mothers or caregivers of children with disability.
  3. To assist families to gain access to services at existing government institutions and other service providers for children with disabilities

To ensure that these objectives are met, the Purpose with Poise™ initiative with your kind donation will make it possible for children with disabilities and their families to work together as agents for change within their homes, community, and country.

Help us to help them realise their right to inclusive education. Your R25 can make a difference!


Success Stories

Sphesihle’s mother, Joyce, joined Afrika Tikkun after discovering her child’s autism diagnosis. She was distraught, confused and felt isolated from society. She joined the Empowerment programme at the Uthando Centre in pursuit of support. The programme has provided her with information with regards to the rights of people with disabilities and how to access state services. As a result, Sphesihle is enrolled in a school and has access to the Care Dependency Grant. In addition, the Empowerment programme has provided a safe place where Joyce feels free to share her challenges with other mothers and finds comfort in knowing that there are solutions to their challenges. “I am free now, I have realised that I am not alone.”– Joy


Join Purpose with Poise™ and Afrika Tikkun to change the lives of disabled children in South Africa by donating as little as R25.

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