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Let's get Glowing  - Part 1

Let's get Glowing - Part 1

Lets get glowing!  We’re chatting this month about the all-new Glow range to help you be a glow-getter.

One thing besides hydration that gives you that glow is an even skin tone.  Which is why JA has created the products in the Glow Therapy Range – these products work to give you a more even, bright and glowy tone to your skin.

We wanted to start off by talking about the common types of pigmentation before we look at the actives to help correct them.


When our skin feels under attack, our melanocyte cell sends melanin to the skin’s surface to protect itself. This is usually a result from cuts, acne scarring, and skin therapies treatments that are too aggressive like laser, IPL, dermabration, and chemical peels

The good news here is that this is a relatively east pigmentation to treat and responds well to products.


This type of pigmentation is stimulated by hormones and is also more common in woman, but there is still not too much known about why it starts. It appears on the face as large patches with no distinct boarders.  Pregnancy, exposure to sun and certain medications can make it worse.

Age Spots (Lentigines)

Also known as liver or sunspots, they can appear anywhere on the body, especially areas with long time sun exposure.  They can be brown to black and have defined edges.  This type of pigmentation needs to be monitored, as it is responsible for most types of skin cancer as it is directly related to UV exposure.

Ephelides (Freckles)

When you were young they were cute, and are the most common form of pigmentation.  Heredity is a big influence here on who has them and they typically get darker in the summer and lighter in the winter months. They are most commonly found in fair skinned as well as red or blonde haired people.

There are many treatments you can have done to drastically minimize hyperpigmentation but maintaining a dedicated home regimen will ensure the results will be long lasting.  Also remember SPF is vital to prevent new or reoccurring pigmentation from happening. 

Join us next week as we talk about some amazing actives aimed at reducing pigmentation. 

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