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All about that Base - Part 2

All about that Base - Part 2

Now that you’ve got a good handle on what foundation formula to use for your skin type, let’s take on the BIGGEST challenge, the correct colour match.  

Don’t go lighter, depending on your skin tone it can make you look ill or ashy.

If you match to your jawline to neck, match the colour that is on your face and use a bronzer on your neck to blend the two together.

For a medium to tan skin the best way to match your foundation is on your forehead as this is the area that tends to bronze up the most when exposed to sun.

Or for a well-rounded colour match, apply across your chest and match your chest to your face as the skin is often exposed with the clothes we wear, and you avoid the dreaded obvious foundation face…..yikes!! Doing this will also marry the face and the body together for a more natural looking and blended colour all over, again you can use bronzer on the neck area to blend.

Once you think you’ve found a colour, get outside – natural light and indoor light do different things to the pigment in foundation, this way you can be sure you have the best match for your skin tone.

When applying your foundation at home you also have a few choices when it comes to tools.  One thing to remember no matter what your tool of choice is, is work for the center of your face outwards


This is an old technique that most women have done at some point in their life, the biggest challenge with this method is you use quite a bit of product. But using your hands/fingers also warms up the product for a more seamless application.


You have multiple brush choices and we have a whole blog coming next month on what works for what, but for now this tool will give you a light to medium coverage and less product usage.

Beauty Blender

This tool creates a natural and nearly flawless finish.The trick with this tool is to wet it, it will expand to nearly double its size. The beauty of the blender is that it applies and blends at the same time.

Check back with us next week lovelies for more about that base x

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