All about that Base - Part 1

All about that Base, Make Up, Mii Cosmetics -

All about that Base - Part 1

Welcome back beauties! This month we are…”All about that base, bout that base Mii Make-up”! 

Ok so apologies to Meghan Trainor for that cringe worthy rendition.  But for real, this month we are chatting all about what foundations to use and how.

Lets break things down first according to skin type this way you know what type of foundation to use as this is one of the most important things outside of your correct colour match.  On that note, did you know only about 15% of women are using the correct shade?!?!  But more on colour matching later.


Usual problems here that most woman face is that their foundation doesn’t last all day, and the one thing you are trying to minimize is your pores and possible breakouts and preventing looking like an oil slick by noon.  Things to remember when choosing your foundation:

  • Stay away from oil based foundations as they will ultimately slide
  • Look for foundations that will have a matte finish
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a mineral foundation, especially for acne prone skin, they often have healing and calming ingredients


Challenges here are the want for a dewy look that doesn’t look flaky or cakey and doesn’t settle in fine lines. Things to remember when choosing your foundation:

  • Look for foundations that will hydrate your skin
  • Avoid silicone or matte foundations
  • Use a primer with hyaluronic acid as this will draw moisture to your skin


Gals with normal skin really have most of the luck; the biggest gripe we hear is that most foundation feels too heavy and you just want something that looks polished and evens out minor skin imperfections. Things to remember when choosing your foundation:

  • Go for light coverage as this wont feel heavy
  • BB creams are great as they are a 3 in 1


Redness and irritation are the two things we hear the most here and the want for an even looking complexion is key. Things to remember when choosing your foundation:

  • Look for skin soothing actives like Zinc
  • Avoid irritants like fragrance
  • Opt for a full coverage if you have more broken capillaries
  • Don’t skip the prep, especially with a colour correction, this will help to minimize any redness before you even apply your foundation

Check out our quick guide below, for choosing the best foundation so you can say that is unmistakably Mii. x

See you next week beauties....

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